What are your talents?

Uncover your unique skills, strengths, and the career path that’s right for you! Whether you’re still in college or well into your career, our talent assessment sets you up for future success by matching your organic traits and skills to jobs and industries you’re most likely to perform well in. This is a great option if you’re about to enter the job market or if you don’t feel satisfied in your current career.

How It Works
  • You’ll receive a link to the vocational skills and interest questionnaire that you complete at home
  • We schedule a one-hour session in person or by phone to review the results and discuss job and industry options that are a fit
  • The results will list careers that are a great match to your skills and interest and suggest careers you should explore

Why EBR?

It’s frustrating not knowing the direction you want your career to go or to be in a job where you’re unhappy or not using your natural skills to their fullest. Helping professionals find a career they can feel passion for is our passion. We utilize our knowledge and years of experience across job functions and industries to help set you on the right career path.

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