Small Business HR Options

Finding quality employees is difficult. At EBR, we can help with an experienced recruiter. Because we specialize in small businesses, we do things a little differently than many other recruiters. We charge you for the time we spend on your search rather than charging a large commission once the candidate is placed. Contact us for more information.
Managing employees can be the hardest part of owning a business. We’ve got tips and advice to make it easier and more effective. Whether you need to lower turnover or just your own stress, we can help.
Handbooks and Policy Manuals are a crucial part of a successful business. If you don’t have one contact us and we will create one for you.
Have questions? We have answers. For those businesses not ready to commit to a fractional agreement, we offer hourly support. We are here to help however you need it.
  1. Assistance in selecting a payroll provider (with recommendations)
  2. Onboarding Checklist (retail $250)
  3. Employee Handbook (retail $1500)
  4. Employee Non-Disclosure / Non-Compete (retail $200)
  5. Wage Deduction Form (retail $200)
  1. Up to 2 hours consulting each month (retail $600)
  2. Handbook review in month 12 (retail $750)
  3. I-9 Audit for up to 50 forms (retail $450)
This offer includes:
  1. Unlimited email & phone support
  2. I-9 review every 12th month
  3. Handbook Review every 12th month
  4. On-site support discounted to $150/hour with a two-hour minimum for each visit
Unlimited Support Pricing based on number of employees:
  • 1 – 5 Employees: $300 / month or $3,000 / year
  • 6 – 10 EE $400 / month or $4200/year
  • 11- 25 EE $600 / month or $6600/year
  • 26 – 50 EE $750 / month or $8400/year
  • 50 + EE? Call for Pricing
This offer includes:
  1. 1 Job Description
  2. 1 Job Ad
  3. Up to 20 hours of job board management & candidate screening
This offer includes:
  1. 1 Job Description
  2. 1 Job Ad
  3. Up to 40 hours of candidate sourcing and screening