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Books by Krystal Yates

The Insider's Guide to Your Dream Career
The Insider's Guide to Your Dream Career, 2nd Edition: Mastering Your Job Search in the Digital Age

With so much contradictory advice out there, it is hard to know what steps to take when searching for a new job. This book will guide you step by step in an efficient search using advice from years as a hiring manager. This book provides practical, proven advice with an explanation instead of one size fits all advice.

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EBR HR Experts - The Insider's Workbook
The Insider's: 12 week Guide to Getting Your Career on Track

Do you feel stuck in your career? This workbook takes you through 12 weeks of personal development to help you focus your career path and grow your career.

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Micro Lessons

Career Management Micro-Lessons

Do you ever feel like you aren’t moving in the direction you want? Are you unsure of what you want out of your career? In this 10 micro lesson series, you will learn how to:

  • Choose your path
  • Gain buy-in
  • Market yourself effectively
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    Job Search Micro-Lessons

    Learn how to create an effective job search at your own pace through 36 micro lessons. Get content covering job search-related topics. We offer topics including creating an effective job search plan, networking, common interview questions, LinkedIn optimization, compensation negotiation, promotions, reviews, raises at your current job, and more.

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    Compensation Negotiation Courses

    This course is designed to equip you with the skills and strategies to advocate for your worth effectively. Through practical exercises and expert insights, you'll learn how to navigate salary discussions confidently, leverage market data, and achieve favorable outcomes in any negotiation scenario.

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    Interview Micro-Lessons

    Learn how to ace your interview at your own pace. This subscription includes nine micro lessons covering everything from interview basics to behavioral questions and the dreaded "Tell me about yourself." Also, learn how to determine what questions you should be asking and how to follow up after the interview.

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    LinkedIn Micro-Lessons

    LinkedIn can feel complicated, but it doesn't have to be. This service includes 4 micro lessons to help you optimize your profile and use LinkedIn more effectively.

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    Teacher Transition Courses

    Are you ready to take the leap from the classroom to the corporate world? Our Teacher Transition Workshop is designed specifically for educators seeking a career change. We'll help you unlock your potential and navigate the journey from teaching to thriving in the corporate sector. Transform your skills, expand your opportunities, and embark on a new professional path with confidence. Join us and start your transition today!

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    Resume Options

    Basic Resume

    With our Basic resume, you receive an in-depth questionnaire via email for you to provide content about your experience and achievements which our Professional Resume Writer will use to craft your new resume format

    • Along with the questionnaire, we will ask you to send your existing resume, letters of recommendation, performance reviews, awards, job postings of interest, or anything else that is beneficial
    • The information we gather is provided to our Professional Resume Writer who will craft the first draft of your new resume format
    • After you review the first draft, we collaborate via email with you on revisions and subsequent drafts to fine-tune it until it’s complete and you're satisfied
    • Your new resume will include a list of current/relevant keywords to ensure it navigates the AI of an applicant tracking system (ATS)
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    Resume Review

    If you have an up-to-date resume that needs a professional touch, this is the option for you.   You provide us with your existing resume in Word format along with one or two job postings. We will

    • Wordsmith the existing content
    • Identify any skill gaps
    • Ensure the resume is ATS Compliant by doing any necessary formatting and adding keywords
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    Early Career Resume

    Reserved for professionals who are early in their career (within three years or less of professional experience) or students about to graduate that are seeking an internship opportunity, this works just like our Basic Resume. Add a 1-on-1 hour consultation for an additional $100.

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    Do It Yourself Resume

    Do you prefer to write your own resume? Do you just need a little guidance? This DIY kit includes step by step instructions on how to create an effective, ATS Optimized resume. Bonus material includes cover letter and LinkedIn instructions.

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