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hr meetingPeople are your organization’s greatest asset and the key to creating a sustainable competitive advantage. But a common challenge small-business owners face is how to attract and keep the best talent on the market. This is the bread and butter of what we do at EBR Consulting. With more than 15 years of small business HR consulting experience, we want to ensure a healthy balance between employees and the employer. We not only make HR consulting affordable, but we make it profitable, too.

Strong HR programs and effective HR practices and policies can accelerate company development, competitiveness, and profitability. Between the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), OSHA, sexual harassment, and anti-discrimination laws, a business that isn’t aware of its HR responsibilities is headed for trouble. No matter what kind of HR consulting help you need, EBR is the partner you can trust.

We work with service-based small businesses with under 20 employees. Here are just a few of our HR consulting services:

Sometimes business owners think they need to hire someone to answer phones when they really would benefit from having someone help with company logistics. EBR can meet with you and help you determine what types of additions make the most strategic sense for your business.
Hiring employees does require a certain amount of state and federal reporting. Unfortunately, there isn’t a checklist out there that tells you all the reports you need to file. As your HR expert, EBR can teach you what you need to report and how to do it quickly and efficiently. Don’t get caught by surprise. Let us show you how to do it right from the start.
Did you know there are guidelines around what you can and cannot ask in a job interview? Do you know what kinds of questions will elicit the type of information to help you determine a good fit for your company? We have the answers to these questions and more.
Do you need someone to help you with your hiring needs? Give EBR a call. We can sit with you and figure out which positions need to be filled now, and then we will seek out the best possible candidates on your behalf.
You’ve heard the adage of making sure you’re on a solid foundation. Well, your business is no different. Whether you are hiring your first employee or you 10th, it’s important to make sure you have the policies and procedures in place. Doing so will make you and your employees successful and confident in what is expected.
In today’s business arena, small-business owners need to be able to respond to challenges with intelligence, strategy, and expertise. If you’re having difficulty doing this, or if you want to improve upon your leadership skills, you should strongly consider enrolling in an EBR management and leadership training class.
Do I need a handbook? What do I include in there? At a minimum, your employee handbook should include your business policies, expectations of employees, legal obligations, and information on employee rights. Let’s talk about your business and dive a little deeper into how we can make your handbook the best it can possibly be.​

How can we help you?

You can certainly navigate the HR and job search world to find the results you want and need on your own. But what most people find is they don’t know where to start. To know where to start, you must first know where you want to end up. At EBR, we can make the complicated less complicated. Call today to get a small business HR consulting expert in your corner!

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