Resume Options

If you have an existing resume, and you’re the ‘do-it-yourself’ type, we review your current resume top to bottom and provide suggestions on how to improve and enhance the existing content and layout to make it more effective and marketable. This includes how the content should be arranged, how to make employment listings more concise, how to highlight your achievements, add how to add relevant keywords, etc.
Timeframe: 3 days
If you need just need help with the formatting and wordsmithing of your existing resume this package might be right for you.
  1. We will send you a questionnaire by email and can also extract content from your LinkedIn profile, letters of recommendation, performance reviews, etc.
  2. We use the content provided, plus we research and add keywords that are relevant to your experience, skills, and industry, to create a draft for your review.
  3. We collaborate with you via email on revisions until your resume is complete.

Timeframe: 5 days or less
If you aren't sure where to start, are changing industries, or need a resume created from scratch, this is the package for you.
  1. We schedule a consultation that lasts about an hour to discuss your background and how it fits the position you are trying to achieve. If you live within driving distance, we prefer that you come to our office to meet in person, however, we can also do it by phone and Zoom.
  2. We use the content provided during your consultation, plus we research and add keywords that are relevant to your experience, skills, and industry, to create a draft for your review.
  3. We collaborate with you via email on revisions until your resume is complete.
($105 savings compared to the basic resume + 1-hour consultation cost)
Includes the same great options as the Standard Resume Package PLUS an in-depth LinkedIn review, cover letter review, and 30 days of email support.

($200 savings compared to basic resume/1-hour consultation/in-depth LinkedIn review/email support)
If you are looking for a dynamic approach to promote your professional brand and value, this package is designed for you. Includes:
  1. One-hour consultation to discuss and extract details about your professional background, skills, and achievements targeted to your desired position title or career path. You can choose to meet in-person at our business office, by Zoom video, or by phone.
  2. Our professional resume writer then incorporates the content from your consultation to craft a new resume that promotes your abilities and checks the boxes of your desired position and industry. Plus, we research and include relevant keywords to ensure your resume makes it through an applicant tracking system, and provide a draft for you to review.
  3. We collaborate with you via phone or email to fine-tune the content, making revisions and providing drafts until your resume is complete, up to an additional 2 hours of consultation time. (Any time beyond that is available at a 20% discount)
  4. You’ll receive a salary report for one position in 1 metro area, so you’re prepared when asked for a target salary figure or when negotiating salary.
  5. You’ll receive up to 1 hour of coaching, choosing the topic that will be most beneficial for you. Options include a LinkedIn Review, Interview Prep, Salary Negotiation, or anything else you would like to discuss or explore. You also receive a discount off our hourly rate if you decide you want additional coaching.

Coaching & Mentoring Options

$150 if combined with the Standard Resume or Premier Package.
Uncover your unique skills, strengths, and the career path that’s right for you! Whether you’re still in college or well into your career, our talent assessment sets you up for future success by matching your organic traits and skills to jobs and industries you’re most likely to perform well in. This is a great option if you’re about to enter the job market or if you don’t feel satisfied in your current career.
How It Works:
  • You’ll receive a link to the vocational skills and interest questionnaire that you complete at home
  • We schedule a one-hour session in person or by phone to review the results and discuss job and industry options that are a fit
  • The results will list careers that are a great match to your skills and interest and suggest careers you should explore

  • Why EBR?
    It’s frustrating not knowing the direction you want your career to go or to be in a job where you’re unhappy or not using your natural skills to their fullest. Helping professionals find a career they can feel passion for is our passion. We utilize our knowledge and years of experience across job functions and industries to help set you on the right career path.
    Are you asking for what you are worth? The foundation for good salary negotiations is having the right information. We provide a Salary Report that is specific to your metro area to ensure you know what the market demands for your position and your skill level.
    $120 per hour if combined with a Standard Resume or Premier Package.
    Turn your interview angst into interview confidence and success! The professionals we mentor walk into their next interview with a newfound enthusiasm, and it only takes a little preparation and practice. You will learn:
  • Important tips for interview preparation in the current employment landscape
  • Challenging interview questions to expect and how to transform them into a positive
  • How to confidently present your unique skills and achievements
  • Questions you should ask that establish you as a serious candidate
  • Appropriate follow up etiquette
  • How to navigate the interview process and remain a viable candidate
  • Strategic salary and benefits negotiation skills

  • Why EBR? Our talented team offers “real world” combined experience in human resources and recruiting across industries and job functions, so we know what hiring managers and recruiters look for and how they assess candidates for the right fit. Although we prefer to meet you in person when possible, we can also do interview mentoring by phone.
    $120 if combined with the Standard Resume or Premier Package
    In the current employment landscape, a dynamic LinkedIn profile is crucial! Recruiters and hiring managers typically search and check out your LinkedIn profile as a first step in assessing you as a candidate, and if you don’t have one, or yours isn’t on point with current trends, you may be passed over as unprofessional. How It Works:
  • We do a comprehensive review of your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom, including the aesthetics, content, and settings
  • You receive a list of suggested actions, revisions, or additions to make to ensure it appears professional, engaging and searchable
  • If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, we’ll help you create one

  • Why EBR?
    Your social media presence is now just as important as your resume. A LinkedIn profile provides an additional opportunity sell your experience, skills, and promote your unique professional brand. We utilize our knowledge of current social media trends and insight of what employers look for to help you create a LinkedIn profile that makes an impact!
    A well-written cover letter conveys your interest and enthusiasm for a company and position, establishes you as a professional candidate, and provides a valuable opportunity to convey your skills and experience to a hiring manager or recruiter. A poorly written cover letter will get you passed over as unprofessional.
    An EBR Cover Letter will:
  • Qualify your relevant hard and soft skills to the position profile and requirements
  • Be written in a professional, concise format
  • Convey your enthusiasm for the role and create a positive sense of urgency
  • We Offer 2 Options:
    Cover Letter Review - $75
  • You may submit an existing cover letter, your resume, and a job description
  • We will review them
  • You receive a list of revisions to make your cover letter more professional and dynamic
  • Cover Letter Development - $195
  • You may submit an existing cover letter, your resume, and a job description
  • We will review them
  • We will create a professional and dynamic cover letter
  • Small Business HR Options

    Finding quality employees is difficult. At EBR, we can help with an experienced recruiter. Because we specialize in small businesses, we do things a little differently than many other recruiters. We charge you for the time we spend on your search rather than charging a large commission once the candidate is placed. Contact us for more information.
    Managing employees can be the hardest part of owning a business. We’ve got tips and advice to make it easier and more effective. Whether you need to lower turnover or just your own stress, we can help.
    Handbooks and Policy Manuals are a crucial part of a successful business. If you don’t have one, don’t know what is in yours, or haven’t reviewed it in over a year, it is time to review.
    From job descriptions to onboarding documents and policies, document creation can be confusing. We help with all employee and HR related documents. Give us a call for pricing.
    Have questions? We have answers. For those businesses not ready to commit to a fractional agreement, we offer hourly support. We are here to help however you need it.

    Let us help you land your next great job!


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