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A personal message from our founder, Krystal

We started EBR HR Experts to help small businesses make sense of employment and compliance regulations while also creating a solid Human Resources foundation on which they could grow and become more successful. The legalities involved with hiring and managing employees can be so cumbersome that they can legitimately occupy a full-time job in addition to the administrative burden that occurs. So we step in as your small business HR expert to shoulder that burden. This naturally led to working with job seekers. Along with our love for HR, we wanted to help employees navigate the increasingly difficult waters of finding the right job. We don’t just help you land your next paycheck. We help you take the next step in your career.

In a perfect world, job seekers everywhere would land their dream career without breaking a sweat. They’d write their resume, get it into the hands of a dozen or so hiring managers, and sit back as the offers roll in. Meanwhile, small businesses would attract and keep the best talent in the market. They’d have employees in the right seats and confidence in their HR policies and programs.

Unfortunately, we all know it’s more complicated than that. Job hunting is hard. Finding the right people and accelerating your company’s development is hard. At EBR HR Experts, we take a complicated process and make it easier so that you and your company have the best outcome possible. From resume writing to interviews and negotiating a salary, we help job seekers take the next step. From onboarding to retaining talent, our HR consulting experts work with small businesses to help them find you.

Your experience deserves our expertise, and with EBR, you can always Expect Better Results.



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Small Business HR

People are your organization’s greatest asset.

Recruiting / Talent Acquisition

Do you need to add qualified people to your team? Finding the right fit is crucial.

Resume Writing

The resume writing process can be a stressful time for the majority of job seekers.

Career & Interview Coaching

Turn your interview angst into interview confidence and success!​

LinkedIn Profile Review

In the current employment landscape, a dynamic LinkedIn profile is crucial!

Cover Letter Review & Development

A well-written cover letter conveys your interest and enthusiasm for a company and position.

Military Transition

At EBR HR Experts, we believe we can help anyone take control of their job search. That includes our hard-working brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces. Military members who are looking for their first civilian job often don’t know how to transition their list of military skills into corporate skills that resonate with hiring managers. If you are one of these people, we have team members who have lived in that world and are eager to help you craft a narrative that will land you your next job offer.

It’s all about telling the right story, and helping our friends in the military is a big part of what we do.


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How can we help you?

You can certainly navigate the HR and job search world to find the results you want and need on your own. But what most people find is they don’t know where to start. To know where to start, you must first know where you want to end up. At EBR, we can make the complicated less complicated. Call today to get an HR expert in your corner!


Blog Posts


  • EBR is, hands down, the absolute best at what they do. I thought I had a great resume before I met Krystal and the team at EBR. They took things to a whole new level for me, and redefined what good was for me, going way beyond that to great, in fact. After starting to use the new resume EBR produced for me, I immediately started getting a much higher response rate to my applications, which translated directly into more interviews, and ultimately, to landing a new position in what I'd consider record time. And the process to get to the finished product was amazing and thorough. Krystal took the time to get on a call with me and really dig into my background, my motivations, what my skillset was, and also (maybe most importantly), what I REALLY wanted to do. As a result, the end product was a perfect representation of my career to date and what I could bring to a potential employer. Maybe best of all, now that I'm preparing to start a new role, I'm confident that the work Krystal and team put in to get to know me and to communicate that accurately and effectively means that I'm going into a great role for me, and that the company knows exactly what they're getting. In short, that we're a good match. Thanks, Krystal - you're the only place I'll come in the future for updates, etc!

    Theron Andrews Avatar Theron Andrews

    Very enlightening experience. Krystal was a great guide through the whole process. She is very patient but yet also direct.

    Stephen Swartz Avatar Stephen Swartz

    Bravo, EBR! I worked with EBR on updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. They were timely with their deliverables and I was very pleased with the outcomes. Their process was simple and effective as it allowed me to recall prior successes and parts of my story that I was having trouble putting on paper. Also, we did a few career transition coaching calls and these were very helpful for me to get a bit more clarity on some things I was having difficulty resolving on my own. EBR was a great advocate and champion during my journey. They genuinely cared about me and demonstrated throughout the process they were equally invested in helping determine a clear vision and the strategy to execute. I highly recommend working the EBR Team for resume and LinkedIn help and also career transition coaching.

    Mark Gooch Avatar Mark Gooch
  • This place is amazing if you need help with your resume! I have been trying to spread the word!

    Adam Butcher Avatar Adam Butcher

    EBR Consulting was outstanding. Very professional, prompt with responses and assisted me with numerous questions I had. The final product they put together for me was exaclty what I was looking for. I would highly recommend them!

    Tom Bauer Avatar Tom Bauer

    I needed to have a professionally written resume for submission to several universities and chose EBR Consulting and I am so glad I did. From the very first free phone consultation with Krystal Yates, I was confidant she would be able to create a resume that accurately reflected my job and education history. Not only did she do a stellar job in crafting the resume, she did so in remarkably fast time! She kept in touch with me throughout the process via email, allowing me to see and approve drafts until it was done to my liking. Krystal went above and beyond my expectations and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting assistance with resumes, cover letter writing, and all things related to job searching. She is an expert!

    Nancy Weyer Avatar Nancy Weyer
  • Excellent. Krystal Yates is great!

    Ulysses Vawters Jr. Avatar Ulysses Vawters Jr.

    Krystal is amazing. She is so patient and so kind hearted. I love the fact that she truly cares about her clients. She is amazing at creating resumes & very patient. I truly recommend Krystal, she is willing to help everyone. Very professional with her clients as well as her team and that says a lot. Thank you Krystal for all of your hard work.

    Negin Hashemi Avatar Negin Hashemi

    I called Krystal at EBR Consulting before I was laid off, to prepare for the worst. The worst did happen, but the good to come from my lay-off was meeting Krystal. Her expertise and advice were HUGE in helping me land a very good job in only 6 weeks. Krystal totally revamped my tired looking resume, and her salary counseling and knowledge helped in negotiations with the new employer. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking assistance with the Presentation part of the application process. Krystal will get you noticed in a very positive way! Krystal also assists with Interview preparation, as well. Krystal at EBR Consulting is easy to work with, very professional, and pays big dividends on a modest investment.

    William Young Avatar William Young
  • I just landed a new job with a 5-figure pay increase at a great company due in large part to Krystal's expertise, coaching, and an awesome resume. Thank you for helping to make me one of your success stories!

    Holly Doty Avatar Holly Doty

    I reached out to EBR Consulting a year ago to assist me in a job search and I give them much of the credit for recently being hired for a position I coveted. Krystal was patient and detailed in creating the perfect resume. She was and still is responsive to my emails, normally within the hour, when I need to reach her. She was able to educate me on many matters concerning the great number of websites related to searching for quality jobs. I highly recommend EBR if you are looking for assistance with putting yourself in a better position toward either a job search or a career change.

    Jason Jaynes Avatar Jason Jaynes

    I wish I could give EBR more than 5 stars! They are amazing at everything they do and I could not be more happy about my resume!!

    Mariah Garrison Avatar Mariah Garrison
  • I was referred to Krystal by a common contact at UTA. She was very professional, prompt, and easy to work with. I felt like I knew what I was doing with my resume and my LinkedIn profile, but she provided that extra special input that put me over the top. I would highly recommend using EBR Consulting for professional services. Good return on investment!

    Greg Morris Avatar Greg Morris

    Krystal has been absolutely fabulous!!! I cannot say enough great things about her expertise and her ability to effectively communicate and teach the tools needed to effectively lead a team and turn around morale while being clear on expectations and results. Since working with Krystal, I have become a much better employer and manager - as my team's results indicate as well as their own description of the changes they have seen. My team reports feeling more secure in their job and they tell me at least once per week how much they love their job and where they work. Krystal has such great knowledge about all things HR and her coaching style is supportive and tough, which helps me push to the next level. I would highly recommend Krystal and her team for any of your staffing, training or employment needs.

    Irene Little Avatar Irene Little

    I want to thank Krystal Yates for her outstanding professionalism & for her genuine care in helping me prepare a resume for a prospective employer. She demonstrated her HR expertise bringing an in-depth knowledge of what employers/recruiters are looking for when considering resumes. My situation was urgent, leaving her with little time, but she came quickly to my aid & helped put together a knock-out resume. Long story short, I landed an awesome new job - and I want to say a big thank you to Krystal for her help/support! If you're looking for a job or new career, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Krystal as she will prove to be a great asset to you in this endeavor.

    Corey Marrero Avatar Corey Marrero

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